Mary Lynn Desjarlais has been a member of The Florida Bar since 1982.  She moved to Sarasota in 1986 after serving as an assistant public defender in the Third Judicial Circuit and an assistant state attorney for Ed Austin, Jacksonville, Florida in the Fourth Judicial Circuit.  After practicing law in the Sarasota area for over twenty years, Mary Lynn Desjarlais has built up a vast number of loyal clients.  She believes in treating others as you would like to be treated.  She insists on being professional yet personable and she will take the necessary time to insure the client is comfortable and satisfied with the service being provided. 

Mary Lynn Desjarlais' area of concentration are Estate Planning, Probate, Elder Law, Guardianships, Real Estate Law and Contract Law.  She was previously a certified circuit court mediator and she brings that experience to her clients.  She understands the potential family concerns, issues or disputes when determining distributions and protection of disabled children in drafting estate planning documents and probating wills and trusts.  This knowledge assists the client in reaching the best possible outcome for the client and their family.  This mediation skill and knowledge is extremely valuable in negotiating contracts and resolving contract and real estate disputes without the costly alternative of litigation. 

Her continuing philosophy towards her clients is that their legal situation and problems should receive the utmost respect, diligence and understanding.  The law firm of Mary Lynn Desjarlais believes that our clients are intelligent adults and deserve to be treated that way.  Our clients receive all the facts and options available in their unique personal situation, which assists the client in making an informed decision.

The law firm of Mary Lynn Desjarlais has a dependable support staff which provide her with the means to undertake and manage each individual case with the attention to detail the current clients expect and new clients appreciate.

The qualified, competent office staff at the law firm of Mary Lynn Desjarlais bring a wide variety of office experience and other valuable knowledge to the office environment.  This is useful when assisting and supporting the attorney with cases in the varying areas of law practiced in the office.  The office staff is dedicated to the client having a positive experience with the office as well as achieving the most favorable resolution to their issue.

Mary Lynn Desjarlais is active in the community.  She dedicates her free time to community organizations such as the South Sarasota Kiwanis Club and The Suncoast Community Blood Bank.  She has held leadership positions at each organization and also helps with the creation and implementation of projects assisting members of our community.  She has previously held numerous leadership positions in other service organizations and she has served on several local and state level Florida Bar and Sarasota Bar committees.

At the law office of Mary Lynn Desjarlais one can expect professionalism, knowledge of our area of law, personal attention to our clients' individual situation, and resourcefulness to find answers in research using the latest resources available and up to date technology. 

Building relationships with our clients is very important to us and we strive to offer the best service.